Services for HR Personnel with employees who show worrisome behaviors at the workplace:

Fitness for Duty Evaluation
Fitness for Duty Evaluation can provide concrete information about psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety and confusion, that affect your employees’ workplace behavior and about whether your employee presents a safety risk to themselves or others. After the evaluation takes place, you will receive a written report from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Urgent evaluations can sometimes be scheduled to take place in fewer than five business days after you have returned the Service Agreement.

Services Related to Employee Insurance Claims

Obtain psychological or psychiatric reports, and/or raw psychological test data from treating doctors.
To save you time and frustration, PsyBar will attempt to obtain psychological/psychiatric reports and raw psychological test scores.

File review, written by a psychologist, psychiatrist or physician with another medical specialty.
PsyBar can provide these both for employees with psychiatric/psychological problems only, and for “co-morbid” cases involving medical problems such as fibromyalgia and other orthopedic injuries.

Full Independent Psychiatric, Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluation
Performed by a doctoral level psychologist, neuropsychologist, or a psychiatrist.

Brief Psychological or Psychiatric Evaluation designed for STD employee claimants.
These brief assessments are designed solely to determine employee diagnosis, prognosis, and to give suggestions about how treatment might better facilitate return to work. These assessments are not designed to evaluate employee functionality and do not include a neuropsychological assessment. They include a review of up to 20 pages of medical records.

Free Educational Services

Education for HR Personnel
PsyBar offers a free internet-based educational course designed to help HR professionals learn about evaluating employees who have psychological problems that may affect their workplace performance or present a danger to co-workers. The Employee Assistance Certification Commission has approved this unique program for 2 continuing education credits.

Education for Employer Claims Professionals
The Commission of Case Manager Certification has approved PsyBar’s on-line training program for those managing psychological/psychiatric claims. This program (approved for 3 continuing education credits) will help insurance professionals resolve claim issues quickly by effectively understanding the complexities of psychological and psychiatric Independent Medical Evaluations.