Our Founder

David Fisher

David C. Fisher, Ph.D., ABPP, LP


Fellow, American Psychological Association

PsyBar was founded in 1995 by two psychologists, Dr. David Fisher and Dr. Sheridan Fenwick, who were providing psychological evaluations in situations with substantial legal implications. During this time, they recognized that forensic evaluations based on inconsistent and unreliable assessment techniques were being generated with little or no oversight by experienced clinicians. PsyBar set out to organize a network of clinicians who would rectify this problem by setting a forensic standard for all behavioral health assessments. To achieve this, the doctors developed structured “best practice” assessment protocols that are now used nationally by thousands of clinicians. They ensure consistent evaluation techniques, including the use of objective testing for many types of evaluations. Dr. Fisher remained with PsyBar until his retirement at the end of 2020.

Dr. Fisher received a citation from the President of the American Psychological Association in recognition of his innovations in forensic assessment and education. Dr. Fisher is a fellow with the American Psychological Association and began his career as staff psychologist in the Behavioral Medicine Clinic of Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.