Dr. David C. Fisher, Ph.D., LP, ABPP. Chairman of the Board

Co-founder of PsyBar, Dr. Fisher received a citation from the President of the American Psychological Association in recognition of his innovations in forensic assessment and education. Dr. Fisher is a fellow with the American Psychological Association and began his career as staff psychologist in the Behavioral Medicine Clinic of Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.


Lori Seviola, CEO & Managing Director

As CEO of PsyBar, a role which earned her a “Top 50 Women in Business” Award, Seviola has worked with 370 corporations and insurance companies to serve thousands of employees in industries ranging from food, automotive, financial and energy to telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing and technology. With over 20+ years of experience in the behavioral health industry, Seviola has helped hundreds of HR and employee benefits professionals deal with challenges to workplace safety and productivity caused by troubled employees.