About PsyBar LLC

PsyBar, using a specialty network of vetted forensic mental health and physical medicine doctors throughout the United States, performs forensic behavioral health assessments and physical medicine exams for employers and insurers. Services available include Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Mental Health and Co-morbid File Reviews, Fitness for Duty Assessments, Pre-Employment Screenings, Leadership and Management Assessments, Police and Public Safety Evaluations, Vocational Rehabilitation and Risk Assessments. Our best practice in-person model is a leader in the industry. We also provide a best practice, HIPAA compliant teleassessment alternative when an in-person exam is not possible.

Risk managers, human resource directors, insurance claims managers, attorneys and employee benefits professionals rely on PsyBar’s network of forensic professionals to provide clinically sound, reviews and in-person credible assessments. PsyBar has been providing clinical expertise in the complicated area of forensic behavioral health since 1995. In 2016, due to customer demand for our quality services, PsyBar began providing physical medicine assessments and reviews.


PsyBar’s Service for Employers:

Fitness For Duty/Return To Work Evaluations, helping employers avoid potential crises and de-escalating threatening situations involving employees.

File Reviews – objective reports written by PsyBar’s psychologists, based upon contacts with treating healthcare professionals and sources such as a spouse, work supervisor and review of independent psychological test data.

Independent Medical Exams – full psychiatric, psychological or neuropsychological evaluations conducted on an employee by one of PsyBar’s doctors.

Disability Exams – short–term disability peer review performed by PsyBar’s board-certified psychologists and psychiatrists.

Risk Assessments – helping employers to avoid potential crises.

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Services Offered to Insurers by PsyBar:

File Reviews – written by a psychologist, psychiatrist or physicians in other specialties for co-morbid claims. PsyBar can provide these both for claimants with psychiatric/ psychological problems only, and for “co-morbid” cases involving medical problems.

Independent Psychiatric, Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluations—performed by a doctoral level psychologist, neuropsychologist, or a psychiatrist.

Neuropsychological Screening – determines whether there is evidence of cognitive problems in the insured. This can provide a diagnosis, description of cognitive deficits, treatment recommendations, and a discussion of claimant limitations and restrictions.

Psychological or Psychiatric Evaluation for Short Term Disability Claimants – brief assessment designed to determine a claimant’s diagnosis, prognosis, and suggestions for how treatment might better facilitate return to work.

On-Site/Remote Nurse Coaching – Registered Nurse Case Managers assist either on site or telephonically with specialized coaching designed to upskill your claims staff. Training is designed to facilitate effective communication between stakeholders, analyzing and reviewing clients’ needs and identifying appropriate training needs of your staff.

Top 10 Reasons to Use PsyBar


“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with and for PsyBar since 2006. PsyBar has developed a model of delivery in the Psychological Fitness for Duty and Medical/Occupational Psychiatric Evaluations since 1995, and has been the leader in that service for both employers and the insurance industry. PsyBar also has achieved a level of national prominence for providing services such as training and consultations for the Employee Assistance Program field. If your organization has the need for Independent Psychological Evaluations for those employees of such concern, then PsyBar is the number #1, “Go-To” company for confidential, comprehensive, and objective reporting.”

- Tom Murphy, Spencer and Associates